2018 – Becoming G.R.E.A.T. for God

Posted: December 12, 2017 in Excerpt from Newsletters

Together with the Executive Team we wish you a Wonderful Christmas and a Blessed G.R.E.A.T. Year.

As you go through this busy Christmas Season, I want to encourage you to prepare for the New Year and expect God’s favor and blessing in a fresh way in 2018!


In October this year, the Executive Team spent 2 days of prayer and planning to discuss the long-term plans for the AG. It was decided to clearly state our Mission and Vision to understand what we as an Organization should do and become.

By exploring all aspects of ministry and objectives, they developed this Mission and Vision Statement and subsequently a special meeting was held on November 1st, with all Regional and other key leaders to discuss and agree on this.

As an outcome of this meeting the following was decided:

Our Mission:

Assemblies of God of Ceylon exists to be a:

“God glorifying, Revived and Spirit filled Movement, Empowering and resourcing the whole Body to Advance Everywhere and Transforming nations.”

This Mission is expressed in the acronym of “GREAT” to make it easy remember, identify and express the tasks to the whole Church.

  • G. God glorifying,
  • R. Revived and Spirit filled Movement,
  • E. Empowering and Resourcing the whole Body,
  • A. Advancing Everywhere,
  • T. Transforming nations

The first and last points tells us why we do ministry: To bring Glory to God and Transform Nations. What is in-between expresses us how and what we should do!

The Mission of every Local Church:

The Assemblies of God gives each Local Church the freedom to function in different locations and contexts with different styles and methods. Yet, our final Mission is One. That is what Jesus intended us to do: To fulfil His Mission on earth!

Therefore, as a Movement, a common Mission Statement helps us to align ourselves and unify all our efforts to enlarge our influence.

2018 – Becoming G.R.E.A.T. for God.”

I believe the best way to experience God’s Blessing and Favor in the New Year is the prepare for it.

2018 can truly be a GREAT Year for you by committing yourself to fulfil the Mission of God in your Church.

Thank you for your partnership in the GREAT Mission!Blessings,

Ps. Michael & Debi.





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