Revived and Filled with the Holy Spirit

Posted: May 5, 2018 in Chairman

This month we are focusing on this second part of our Mission: ‘To be a Revived and Spirit Filled Movement’.


Why should we be a Revived and Spirit filled Movement? Because it is the very life of the Church.  Since being Filled with the Spirit is imperative to all what we do we want to focus and encourage every AG Church on the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and gifts.

A. Ignorance of the Holy Spirit

“And (Paul) finding some disciples (in Ephesus) he said to them, “Did you receive the Holy Spirit when you believed?” So they said to him, “We have not so much as heard whether there is a Holy Spirit.” Acts 19:2.

What will be the response if the same question is asked from AG Churches today? Ignorance of the Holy Spirit can cause great setbacks in the ministry. It will cause you to serve solely with your energy and striving, making you tired and worn out in ministry.

Paul also admonished: ‘be not ignorant’ of the gifts.  Therefore, our plan is to see every Church preach on the Holy Spirit and pray for the Baptism on this Pentecost Sunday which is 20th May.

B. Why the Spirit Baptism?

Pentecostals have a unique blessing of being Baptized in the Spirit which gives us the promise of Power to be His witnesses.  So, are we different from those not baptized in the Spirit?  The difference is not that we are better than others, but we have a greater responsibility than them.

Baptism of the Holy Spirit entrusts us with 3 key responsibilities:

1. Pentecostals are responsible share the Gospel with Power and demonstration.

2. They are responsible to function in the supernatural gifts of knowledge, speech and power.

3. They are responsible to take the Gospel beyond their “Local Jerusalem” to the ‘uttermost parts of the earth’ (Acts 1:8)

In other words, you become a Missionary Church when you have the Power of the Holy Spirit.  The AG must realize this ‘greater responsibility’ as being Pentecostals.

C. Who will Baptize in the Spirit?

 “There stands One among you whom you do not know … this is He who baptizes with the Holy Spirit.” (John 1:26)

When John the Baptist was preaching about Christ, Jesus was standing right among them but they did not acknowledge Him. Similarly, many of our Churches don’t recognize Jesus in their midst wanting to Baptize people in the Spirit.

Jesus is the Baptizer in the Spirit and not us! You can baptize in water, but He with the Spirit.  Then what is your role?  Your role is to teach and prepare people and guide them to Jesus so that He could baptize them.
Book of Acts records at least 3 ways how Jesus baptizes people in the Spirit:

1. As people prayed and waited on the Lord the Spirit fell on them as in Pentecost,

2. When people ‘Heard’ the word – faith was created – so that they could receive the Spirit.

3. As they laid hands on people – after teaching- they were filled with the Spirit.

This method has not changed, and we still can use the same methods to be Baptized in the Spirit.

D. What about the Gifts of the Spirit?

Gifts of the Spirit are simply how Jesus operated in the ministry. His whole life was a demonstration of the use of gifts. Except for speaking and interpreting tongues, Jesus operated all of them naturally. Most of the gifts should operate outside the Church through every believer in their day to day life naturally; like the gifts of Word of Knowledge, Word of Wisdom, Healing, Faith, Miracles, Discerning of spirits (deliverance), Prophesy. The gift of Prophesy, Speaking in Tongues and Interpretation operates mainly within the Church gatherings. 

The Bible asks us to ‘covet’ the gifts, which means there should be a deep hunger and desire for gifts in the Church. If Pastors regularly operate these gifts, it will create a hunger in others. If we fail, then the ‘gifts of the Spirit’ will soon become items in a Museum or a doctrine confined to a Library. Let us make Pentecost and Spirit Gifts a daily occurrence and lifestyle of every AG member.

Preparing for Pentecost Sunday.

We are making the following 2 books available to you in Tamil & Sinhala, I want every Pastor to buy them and make it available to your leaders and people.  You could also download it from this site.

1. You can Experience God’s Power Today – (this is for every believer to read and be ready).

2. Leading Believers into the Baptism in the Holy Spirit – (for every Pastor and Leader to prepare them.)

Use these books to encourage and create faith for hungry hearts to be Filled with the Spirit and on Sunday the May 20th let us experience a fresh Pentecost.

Don’t miss this opportunity as we unitedly pray and believe to be Revived & Filled in the Spirit!

The Lord Bless you.

Ps. Michael & Debi


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