Assemblies Birth and Take Root

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AG Logo 72dpiA young missionary couple, William D Grier and his wife, who had arrived in Ceylon in 1913, and were serving in Peradeniya, were part of the founding group of the Assemblies of God, which  met from 2nd to 12th April 1914, at Hot Springs Arkansas, USA.  So established AG in Ceylon (Sri Lanka) in the same year it was birthed in the United States of America.

In 1947 the Assemblies of God of Ceylon was incorporated under Ordinance 53 in the legislature of Ceylon, an year prior to the independence of the Nation. It continued to grow over the decades under indigenous leadership, spreading to all Provinces of the Island.  It celebrated the centenary year in 2014.

Today, the Assemblies of God of Ceylon has a multi-faceted ministry with a caring ministry to the people of our nation, in all three languages.

Celebrating a Centaury of Blessing



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