Disruption of Peaceful Protest



The Assemblies of God of Ceylon expresses its extreme disappointment in, and strongest disapproval of the nation’s governance vividly demonstrated on Monday 9th May 2022. The freedom to express peaceful dissent is fundamental to democracy, and it is incumbent on the government to afford its citizens due protection.

The protests in Colombo expressing the intense suffering of the people had been conducted in an exemplary manner for a month, when a violent mob, emerging from the Prime Minister’s residence, attacked its people and destroyed its equipment and structures. We uphold all who have been injured in prayer and ask for the wisdom of the eternal God for the medical personnel attending to them. We are deeply saddened by the deaths that have resulted and pray for the comfort of those who are mourning the loss of their loved ones.

We stand with the progressive people led by the youth of our country who are calling for a nation without racism, nepotism, corruption and a country with equality, accountability, professionalism and mutual respect. We endorse the understanding that the government elected through the presidential election of 2019 and parliamentary elections of 2020 has lost its mandate and fresh elections must be held at the earliest. We support the call for those suspected of having looted the resources of the nation to be brought before due legal process and if proved to be guilty, for reparation to be made by them.

We reiterate the importance of the abolition of the 20th amendment to the constitution, the strengthening of the 19th amendment and the provisions of the proposed 21st amendment, as publicized.

We appeal to the police and tri-forces who too are under tremendous pressure to act justly, with utmost restraint and patience. We also appeal to those who in understandable anger have responded to injustice violently, to pull back and follow the nonviolent path.

Finally, we would like to encourage all fellow Sri Lankans, as the entire nation is called on to participate in reconstruction. In the Christian faith resurrection follows death. And despite the despair being experienced currently, we are assured that God can turn this to Sri Lanka’s finest hour where future generations can live with unity, dignity, honor and divine blessing.

Rev. Dr. Errol Chrissokumar Handy (Chairperson)
With The Executive Presbytery
Assemblies of God – Sri Lanka.