AG SUNDAY – 2017

We celebrate what God has done in the AG through the pioneers and fathers, whose vision has resulted in having over 500 churches in every major City, District and AGA Division in Sri Lanka.

We first celebrate the People in our Churches:

The greatest strength of the AG church is You, the people of the Church!

Therefore, we celebrate the ‘People of the AG’ who are represented in every sphere in life of Sri Lanka:

From the AG farmers in North Central Province to Businessmen in the market place in Colombo;

From AG Tea Plantation employees in the Hill Country to Fishermen in the South;

From the North, South, East and West, you are the people who represent the Assemblies of God in the Nation.

As Jesus said: You are truly the “Salt and Light” of the Nation!

We also celebrate every member involved in our Churches

From Intercessors to ushers, Sunday School Teachers to Youth leaders, we celebrate your dedicated services in various activities and ministries of the today!

We celebrate the unity in diversity in the AG Churches:

Whether we are Sinhalese, Tamil, Burgher, Moors, or foreigners; whether from Urban, Rural or Plantation sector – we celebrate God’s unity of the One Body of Christ.

We also celebrate the faithful labor of the servants of God:

Pastors and workers in our churches who have committed themselves to faithfully server the Master in all our Churches.

Thank you for joining with us on this special “AG Sunday”!

We humbly ask you to pray for us – that we will continue to faithfully carry out our vision in this nation.

Thank you.

General Superintendent and the Executive Presbytery of AG Ceylon.

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