PK Camp 2018

April 18th to 21st marked a special time for Assemblies of God pastor’s kids aged 12 to 18. The three day retreat under the theme “Making the Climb” was held with the participation of 65 pastor’s kids at MAS Athena, Thulhiriya. This special event was organized with the objective of appreciating and providing a special experience for pastor’s kids serving alongside their parents in different parts of the country.

Ministering with the Word and altar times were highlights of the camp. Every main session ended with a time of ministry at the altar and every child was prayed for at the altar, by laying of hands. Children opened up about their hurts, pains and questions. A special Q & A session was held on the final day providing answers to questions they had dropped in the box regarding, ministry, life, decision making and other areas.

Various group activities, games, talent shows, a rare scuba diving experience along with a hearty spread of delicious food were laid out to make the experience extra special in every way. We are thankful to AGWM who partnered with us to make this time special for these pastor’s kids. It was a time of fellowship, fun, refreshing and ministry that will be remembered for a long time.