Flood Relief May-June 2017

As we were beginning to forget the flood disaster of 2016, a repetition hit four Provinces of the country towards end of the same month this year. The flood situation became acute with the advent of cyclone Mora. Rivers cutting across the Western, Sabaragamuwa, Southern and Central Provinces overflowed inundating roads, towns and villages. The worst-affected districts were Kalutara, Ratnapura  and Matara. Agalawattha town in the Kalutara district reported 47 deaths and 62 missing as of 29th May. Ratnapura recorded 79 deaths.

AG churches and the organization sprang into action at the start of the disaster providing meals, water, dry rations and sanitary items visiting most of the affected districts. The relief efforts began meeting the urgent needs of the people using whatever funds that was available, while member churches contributed sacrificially and fund raising exercises were launched in view of the magnitude of the disaster. As the floods receded, our churches assisted in the cleanup activities while we provided sanitary items, cooking utensils and mattresses amongst other relief items. Relief agencies in our World Fellowship were quick to support the organization in shouldering the financial burden.

We thank God for our Pastors and congregations who gave of themselves in spite of personal difficulties they experienced and helped the affected people whether they be of their congregations or the general public.  The larger relief efforts were done with the cooperation of provincial and divisional authorities.

For more information please go to “Disaster Management Sri Lanka”