Establishing the Ministry – Bible College

Forty years after reawakening

Rev. David Beling

by Rev. David Beling with resources from Sis. Ila Fernando and Rev Senaka de Silva.”[a].

The Assemblies of God Bible College with its laid out campus at Ja-Ela and bustling student body of over 100, gives no hint of its beginnings in the 1950s (as the Ceylon Bible Institute) and its re-awakening in 1971, in the face of challenging circumstances.

Graduation Melbourn Avenue, Colombo 3, 1949

The Assemblies of God, born in the fires of the Pentecostal revival of the early twentieth century, came together at a convention focused on “(1) doctrinal unity, (2) conservation of the results of evangelism, (3) a foreign missions programme, (4) a legal church organisation, and (5) a Bible School plan.”[1] Almost simultaneously the effects of the movement were felt in distant Sri Lanka, and it is not surprising that these concerns came into focus here too as diligent missionaries, together with committed locals consolidated the work on the same basis.

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[a] Booklet printed in 2011 for the 40th Anniversary of the Bible College

[1] Womack, David A, Wellsprings of the Pentecostal Movement, Gospel Publishing House, 1968, p.85