Together 2019

Camps and retreats are a by word to our pastors who organize many Children’s camps, Royal Ranger, Missionnettes, youth and even family camps for their congregation and believers. The larger churches would handle their large congregation by breaking it down to language and even geography base.

When the Minister membership of the Assemblies of God was smaller, the organization was able to bring the families together for a family camp.  The last family camp was held close to two decades ago. The present General Superintendent, Reverend Michael Dissanayeke, was keen on having a AG Pastors’ family camp for the entire current membership.

 Even though none of the AG churches were touched by the Easter Sunday attacks in April this year, many pastors had to focus on the safety of their church and family.  Some churches were advised by the National Security in not having services for a short time, and in some churches, there was a drop in the attendance for fear of more disturbances.

The Executive Presbytery was really burdened to bring solace and calmness to Pastors and their families, taking them away from all this for a time of Spiritual refreshment and Revival. This became a reality August, when Pastors and their families were brought together for a three-day family camp, where we had nearly one thousand two hundred campers and another two hundred volunteers to handle the camp.  Since there was no single venue to house everyone, we used some eight hotels and four auditoriums to conduct the camp.

We had Rev. Willie Soans and his wife from India to minister to the Pastors and wives, together with a few other dignitaries sharing God’s Word. The youth and the children too had specialized people to minster to them.

 With the theme being “Renewed, Refreshed and Revived“, the campers were given the choice either to follow the scheduled programs or to just chill out with their friends and family.  Many of the campers commented that they did have a stress-free time and were blessed by the personal ministry time that they received.  They were glad that the Organisation was able to plan and implement a program of large proportions and do it well. May God be blessed for His favour!

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